SOCIALIZING IN THE NEXUS (Mass Effect: Andromeda - Minimal Commentary Playthrough - PART 6)

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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Good play through human ! Honestly despite some obvious bad points I didn't think Andromeda was so bad. Especially the second half where things get quite fun you know ? How did you find the game overall ?
    • [ – ] booyahcubes parent reply I haven't finished it yet, so I can't say for sure. But from what I have played so far (about 60% of the game), I can't say that I have too many complaints. Yes, some of the dialog is really cringey at times, but I have no complaints about the gameplay and the locations. The characters are perfectly fine. Obviously it comes nowhere close the the original trilogy but that's only because it's a modern masterpiece (despite its divisive ending). Mass Effect Andromeda is a good game. The bad hype was just a large group of people looking for something to hate.
      • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply I agree human! The dialogue -- some parts are quite terrible, especially from Liam. But there are many parts that are actually quite well voice-acted and more than passable. I do think some of the conversations felt a bit disjointed --- like sometimes party conversations talk about something that hasn't yet been brought up in the main narrative (e.g. Cora asking Vetra about her sister, but Vetra hasn't yet talked about it with the Pathfinder). But, overall, if people didn't make a big deal about it, it wouldn't have been noticed by many. Also, a lot of people forget that ME2 - 3 had its own cringe moments ("We'll bang, okay?") The planet designs are incredible too. The overall world looks great, human!! Character animations is where things could have improved -- although the patch fixed this a little. BUT the battle system is fun, even with a bit of odd choices (why can bio powers be switched out, but not weapons?) and movement is far better. The story is a bit slow at the start, but ...moreyou'll definitely enjoy the second half of the game when things fall together. That has glimmers of ME2 for sure! Do you have a YouTube? I would like to support your channel there as well!
        • [ – ] booyahcubes parent reply Yep, I see what you mean about the disjointed dialogue, and I remember the cringe moments from the original trilogy (especially the 3rd). The animations, I can sort of see where everyone is coming from with the criticisms about that, but then that got way out of hand to the point where that was all anybody was talking about. In my opinion, the animations aren't bad at all, considering they had to animate every line of dialogue (Andromeda allegedly has more dialogue than Mass Effect 2 and 3 combined). Also, thanks for the support! Subbed to you as well!
          • BobbyTheSheep parent reply Thanks for the support too human!! I definitely agree, the focus on the animations went way out of hand. Basically a lot of YouTubers trying to get views. Yes, it could have been better (Horizon Zero Dawn proves that!) -- but honestly most of it was fine. It was a case of them needing to add a few rounds of edits and polish instead of rushing it out the gate. But, overall, I would say it's still a game worth playing and is largely enjoyable. The open world actually works for the most part!
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