Moving to LED Lighting? - Studio Update VLOG

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  • CloudKnight reply very informative however still prefer the older lighting !
  • GAConyers reply Thank you for this. I decided to teach myself video production this year, and studio setting is a bit of a mystery to me.
  • [ – ] mindofklink reply If you're looking for decent LED lights, I recommend looking at the Genaray brand. Some are cheap, some aren't but overall they're lighter (in terms of weight), brighter and the batteries (depending on the model/type) last longer. I used to use Flolight but they always seemed to have a green tint to it. It's important to remember that each type of light gives off very different feels to your videos. Tungsten lights are generally used to light people as the orange/warm light feels more natural, compared to LEDs which are more blue/colder. A mix of both warm and cool colour temperatures works best, as you use the warmer lights to light a subject and the cooler ones to light the background, creating nice seperation. If you don't want to use tungsten bulbs anymore, consider getting colour temperature gels to place over your LED lights. Depending on how much space you have to work with (not much judging by the video), you need to stand further away from your background to stop casting sh...moreadows. Give yourself enough space to light the background and yourself independently. Try about 5-6 feet. I hope this helps.
    • [ – ] EposVox parent reply Yeah I can't do 5-6 feet without a super wide angle lens thus revealing the entire room and not the backdrop. Small bedroom, not enough space for that.
  • CJwoodruff reply I really like videos like this man. I'm a self taught daily vlogger and really nerd out on how to videos about film. Keep it coming man
  • TheScreaminGoat reply I have led lights in my room and they're really bright and I like them alot.
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