Weekly Peek | Underground Earthbag Building Ep 35 | Downstairs Floor(s) Finish

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  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply Just wondering why you went with a rubber floor. If its for comfort or because of moisture problem. If it for moisture or water a solution might be to saw the cement around the perimeter of the structure. Install weeping tile sloped to a sump pump. Then fill back in with concrete and then apply a floor sealer. Another solution could be a raised floor that allows air to flow under it. A fan could also be use to force air under and it could be vented to the outside. The Weeping tile could also be vented if needed. I've seen ideas where they make a similar structure out of sand bags above ground but they have cement and sand mixed together in the bags they build it like an igloo and then they hose it down and it sets in place. I have to put sand bags in the back of my truck every winter to add some weight to keep the wheels from spinning. Every spring when I go to remove them the bags burst. Just wondering if you have special bags or some special hardener if it even needed.
    • My-Little-Homestead parent reply We went with the rubber floor to try something new. When it started to become expensive, we moved it to a smaller area. We live a dry climate. The water table is 150 feet down. Thanks for commenting and sharing so many unique ideas!
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