Burger King Fruit Loops Shake Review - Wreckless Eating

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  • shamkoze reply oh wow, you guys are on vidme now? tell me why did you switch to vid me?
  • Darkhelmet-N-Defiance reply How come everybody even the uploader spelled Fruit Loops just like I did here.When it's spelled Froot Loops?
  • SamEarl13 reply Seems like an interesting drink but people will assume they can just make it at home. As far as ideas for milkshake with crunchy bits in I can only really think of those cinnamon flavour cereals or something simple like frosted shreddies.
  • EpicJC reply Cookie Crisps Shake! They seemed to have changed the flavor over the years, but I loved eating those growing up and they could make for a decent shake.
  • Autumnvicky reply I love fruit loops, good to hear this will be tasty.
  • November_Fox reply I hate fruit loops, but coco puffs would be nice or lucky charms.
  • MackenzieLambert reply Oh, goody! Something I'll make at home!
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