(Sleeping Bear) BrassCandy is Triggered about CrazyRocky - #VidmeCop #RockyIsTriggered #SaveCrazyRocky

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Dude.. where is my expose????? I been waiting for like 12 years.
    • [ – ] BrassCandy parent reply I've actually been writing one up. Not sure when it'll be out though. But be ready to feel some sick burns. xD
      • Rawman parent reply Hahah can't wait! But it better be good I've giving you some good ammo. I was just trying to indicate that I might burn you back muhaha jokes I won't I don't got energy. Been working on a response to rocky my self then I'll be taking a year off to work on another video as always lol.
    • [ – ] Rawman parent reply You remind me of Chris ray gun....
      • BrassCandy parent reply Your Ren profile picture reminds me of when I was scared to death of the show, and how I still am. xD
      • [ – ] BrassCandy parent reply Huh that's a first. Those ellipsis indicate that is isn't a good thing but I'll blindly accept it as a compliment to feel good about myself!
        • Rawman parent reply I should have put smh at the end lol but I was kidding. We all keep getting called other people and it's kinda annoying that people always do it. It's like the weakest way to dismiss someone ever!
  • [ – ] BrassCandyJunior reply You can't let him EXPOSE OUR COMMENT AND UPVOTE FRAUD!!!
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply I am Casey now Casey is my name
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