Outlook Hero - Juke Box Hero Parody Music Video Parody

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  • IdiotComedy reply So far the Outlook for this video isn't good lol! Please upvote.
  • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically reply Nice to see you on Vidme IdiotComedy. Best wishes with your channel. Your Me-Time Monday post brought me here. Did you record the music yourself or is this the original song over the video (which I'm not familiar with)?
    • IdiotComedy parent reply Thanks for the best wishes. It's a popular original song where someone else sang parody lyrics over the instrumental. I made the video but I didn't sing the lyrics. Good luck with your channel as well I'll check it out.
  • IdiotComedy reply Thanks for watching. Please upvote and follow me if you liked this. Even if you didn't like this please upvote and follow me. Thanks.
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