Change of the climate

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  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply Commercial Wind Turbines. The costs for a utility scale wind turbine range from about $1.3 million to $2.2 million per MW of nameplate capacity installed. Most of the commercial-scale turbines installed today are 2 MW in size and cost roughly $3-$4 million installed. MW stands for Mega Watt. 2,000,000 Watts. Sounds impressive. Your Microwave requires 1500 Watts. 2,000,000 divided by 1500 equal 1333 Microwave ovens. Does that sound like it can power 1333 homes. Well only if you don't run your Washing machine, or your Refrigerator, A/C Stove, all at once. These windmills are not providing the power for the city they look impressive but are useless in reality.
  • oliver_daniel2017 reply Oh make people looks like morrons
  • [ – ] oliver_daniel2017 reply Why fast Speed?
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