A Teen Girl's Powerful Response to Teen Vogue's "Abortion Gifts" Article Goes Viral!

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  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Here is a blog for our Ministry about how Christianity civilized the entire globe except for China and the south Pacific. Islam is a barbaric form of religion our forefathers practiced. We don't need to go back to the old gods of barbarians. http://isaiah58ministries.blogspot.com/2017/03/liberty-president-george-washington-man.html
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Your comment is too deep for me. Gingers meaning women? Ancestors meaning Celtics? Vikings? Hadrian's Wall (Latin: Vallum Aelium), also called the Roman Wall, Picts' Wall, or Vallum Hadriani in Latin, was a defensive fortification in the Roman province of Britannia, begun in 122 AD in the reign of the emperor Hadrian. It ran from the banks of the River Tyne near the North Sea to the Solway Firth on the Irish Sea, and was the northern limit of the Roman Empire, immediately north of which were the lands of the northern Ancient Britons, including the Picts.
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