#PedoGate UpDate - Pedophiles On YouTube - "WebCam From" & "Yoga Bikini Challenge"

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  • Iamnotmyideak reply Good work Titus. YT is like the Ministry of Truth from 1984 - where socially responsible comments,videos and channels are going down the memory hole with increasing frequency. Hope you move more of your content over here. Peace.
  • JaxAttax reply A rational conclusion as to why legit yt channels like Titus and David Seaman are censored and not these pedos is perhaps because YT is run by pedos. Gross. @ssholes. Jan 20 (and Mr. Sessions installed as AG) cannot happen quickly enough.
  • Cliffhanger reply Fight the good Fight alll the best in 2017
  • [ – ] YoliLovesAley reply Pedohunters anyone?
  • YoliLovesAley reply Wonderful video, great post. Agreed these sick fucks need to be exposed and punished.
  • [ – ] variant reply Titus, theres a video by two guys on YouTube, apparently they have a popular channel, they went to CPP and when they walked around the back there was a guy that they said came out of CPP back door, he was with 5 young boys. The guy was jogging away looking really suspicious. On a second video they posted, a young girl, alone, across from cpp looking around like she was confused about where she's suppose to go. She looked like she was told where to go, she was looking at the signs, looked across the street in the direction of cpp, she was clearly confused, and like I said ALONE, which is not normal for a little white girl to be walking around DC by herself. The boys in the first video were also white kids. This is not normal for DC.
    • JaxAttax parent reply I can't wait to see "fratelli podesta" and all their nasty cohorts be taken down. Go NYPD & FBI field offices! Get 'em Guys!
  • Cliffhanger reply Nice vidéo man
  • jorgophotography reply Welcome TItus, good to see you here bro
  • variant reply The one with the girl is on the same channel, Podawful, "investigating pizzagate...". You will see her at 6:44 in the video. These guys aren't real investigators, but the kids are still in the videos so..
  • variant reply The name of the video with the boys is "Pizza underground #pizzagate".
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