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  • [ – ] yuiopads reply Orochimaru is probably too OP for boruto. I'd assume another younger ninja
    • Deonical parent reply It doesn't have to necessarily be a 1v1 tho. Naruto could possible help if need be since it's looking like he's taking a more active role for next episode. But I agree Orochimaru is probably not gonna show himself if he's involved (even tho I'm pretty sure he is lol)
  • [ – ] yuiopads reply It's gonna take at least 12 episodes to cling on the plot. Thats how it was with naruto.
    • [ – ] Deonical parent reply At least Naruto, we had that Zabuza arc that was progressing. Boruto is kinda doing nothing straight forward compared to Naruto.
      • [ – ] yuiopads parent reply It's introducing his eye power With the monster thing boruto sees. There will probably be a big fight in the next 5 episodes
        • [ – ] Deonical parent reply Yeah that's what I'm hoping for. But against who exactly? Mitsuki? Orochimaru? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!
          • yuiopads parent reply Because it's so early on I'm assuming they will want to show off new characters first, but I think they will throw naruto in by the end of the first or second season
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