Street Fighter 4 Intro. Featuring the song: "Indestructible".

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  • mr1van reply Also, I have to admit that I thought this was going to be Disturb's Indestructible, although I do like both songs! :)
  • [ – ] mr1van reply SFIV, I remember how much hype and praise for the game there was when it originally came out. Such a big deal at the time.
    • MysticSword parent reply Though in some ways I like the Street Fighter games, but I've always found them rather difficult to play or to pull-off any combos or special moves (oooh, my poor thumbs trying to play those games). But I digress. Guess I just naturally suck at certain games. :P
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply dope!!!
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply My first martial arts video game was Karateka on my Atari 400 computer in the '80s. It was a lot of fun but I wasn't that good at it. I've never been that coordinated on-screen or in real life, unfortunately.
    • [ – ] MysticSword parent reply Oh, Karateka. I remember playing that game on the C64. Trying to control the character kinda sucked and it was really delayed, but I still liked that game. Maybe I'll do an old-school gaming vid for it some time. As for Martial-Arts in real life, well that's something I enjoyed training in for most of my life (up until a few years ago, where I am now more focused on other priorities and projects). Cheers! :)
      • Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply Hey, a martial arts guy! I always wanted to do that. But I can say that about a lot of things, unfortunately. I do have respect for those who have done the training, though.
  • Wayndeet reply And super n.e.s. And sega
  • [ – ] Wayndeet reply Been playing since the beginning... In the arcade.
    • MysticSword parent reply I remember having the first Street Fighter game on the Amiga computer, many years ago. SF4 (the intro shown in the video was from) is the most recent version I have. I'd say that Ryu has mainly been my fav / go-to character over the years any time I've played any SF game.
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