An Opinion on The Children of Clickbait

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  • [ – ] duffy reply clickbait culture is so lame.
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply I HATE FUCKING CLICKBAITING 💀😠😡, CLICKBAITS ARE FOR PATHETIC TWATS ON THE INTERNET WHO CHEAT THE FUCKING SYSTEM ALL CLICKBAITERS ARE PATHETIC!! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM Clickbait Stinks a fucking state of cancer of the Internet. This is one of the reasons why I left youtube last year.
  • wearegods reply This 4 year old boy had cancer, what happens next will surprise you. He dies.
  • NvanzGaming reply The clickbait strategy does seem to be excessive these days, I feel like I can accept people who do it here and there, but channels living off clickbait is just too much.
  • awkwardbob reply So true. Durv burns me up.
  • AxxL_Afriku reply i dont do clickbait. i say im the greatest, people click on my video and see i was telling the damn truth
  • Boodang reply I think I can walk away from this analysis of clickbait -- everyone plain is not a star. It's desperate out there, ain't it?
  • Boodang reply Maybe kids should stop watching and go outside and DO STUFF! Jesus!
  • [ – ] galwaybeard reply "Check out these 10 reasons clickbait sucks...No.7 will really surprise you."
  • JaitheRai reply Clickbait is so stupid... There's literally no reason to use it.
  • Cheetaheffect reply I HATE durv,morgz,pgj and every on yt who clickbaits. Let's hope NONE of them come to vid me
  • RAGEfit reply I think clickbait is okay on occasion, but if your entire channel is clickbait, it's a pain in the ass
  • KotaTail reply Ok here is something that is quite sketchy. Durv has a million subs, yet his videos have zero effort besides a bit of editing, but YouTube still promotes his content. Durv has stated in a tweet that he didn't need to improve his content because YouTube promoted him anyways, so his massive ego thinks he's good the way he is recording from a mediocre iPhone, so desperate that he makes excuses every video for people to like and sub. He thinks Fame is more important than fans, or for the fun of it. If he isn't doing it for that, he definitely acts like it.
  • nedalien17 reply clickbait is one of the various cancers killing youtube
  • FreshTechTV reply I hate when they upload a 10 minute video and the first 6 minutes is self promotion like this, sub that, comment this too win blah blah blah and if we hit 50k likes I'll.........😒
  • KayToons reply Trollzous got into a bit of a Twitter spat with Durv a couple days ago, and the only come back Durv had was that he had more subs than him. Too bad his content is rubbish, or else it might have been at least a little bit effective
  • devthedoodler reply If you have something related to a video like a funny face as the thumbnail and the funny face does appear on the video than that's fine otherwise it's terrible.
  • SamEarl13 reply If I can't tell what it is I don't watch/read it, I know it will be filled with ads and badly made. Also isn't making 'giveaway' videos that ask for likes and subscribers against the YouTube Terms of Service? It definitely was at one point since I remember writing about it on my blog ages ago.
  • OtakuNate30 reply Clickbait is the worst thing to happen to the internet since SPAM.
  • jrswab reply I've never actually came across any of this on youtube but that is probably due to me watching mostly educational videos. I did come across a channel once that was similar but a bit more mature and refined but still always had giveaways. Needless to say I did not follow them.
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