Super Mario 64 Episode 3 | Womp's Fortress | Mister Shots

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply yo yo, mister owl eater! too many questions >_< yes, LINK erm Zelda... *LinkToMyVideoClick*
  • [ – ] HitPlays reply Less swearing lol nice video
  • GHondo reply Great start to the video, suicide by drowning. And so it begins... :) 3:32 - Do you seriously have someone named Fuckface posting spam video links? That's harsh... :) 5:03 - I'd say any sodomy joke is a bad joke. Just my opinion, of course, you can take it if you want. Oh crap, that could be a sodomy joke too... Damnit! :) 5:58 - How strong would the Owl have to be to carry Mario? Well, Owl's are a very powerful creature, but even still, it would have to be way, way bigger in order to have the capacity to carry a fat plumber. Just by weight ratio. :) 8:50 - How could she sleep here, it's so small? Better question, how could she sleep with said fat plumber in a room so small... She must be very...nimble. :) 9:55 - Nope, no vacation plans. Where would I want to be? Home. Oh, I'm not allowed to say that. Then, we'll go with the real answer, ANYWHERE BUT HERE. :)
  • Mister_Shots reply Do you guys wanna see some Zelda tomorrow?
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