a shitty vidme animation

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  • [ – ] EiceBleu reply You sound like you're in middle school.
    • [ – ] Smiless parent reply I'm pretty sure the problem is that you're such a sad person that you can only find happiness by picking on kids that are younger than you
    • [ – ] Smiless parent reply Maybe because I am, and what exactly is the problem?
      • [ – ] EiceBleu parent reply Sorry, my Mom senses were tingling. Does your Mother know you're here? It's not the sort of place I'd want my kids visiting.
        • [ – ] Smiless parent reply Yes, and why do you keep bothering me?
          • [ – ] EiceBleu parent reply You put up an intentionally inflammatory video and made it public to a bunch of 'shitty YouTubers'. I'm assuming it's a cry for attention.
            • [ – ] Smiless parent reply I don't think you understand the point of this video... Stop trying to look like you're some kind of genius who has everyone figured out and they are just too smart too like anything
              • [ – ] EiceBleu parent reply *shrugs* Not too smart... possibly too old. I upvote stuff that looks like honest effort went into it--especially newbie animators. This doesn't look like any effort went into it... is that a thing with kids these days? But whatever gets you views... Ta~
                • Smiless parent reply Watch my new video, or enraged hippo those things take effort, I can spend a few minutes making something for some quick views, but don't say I don't spend effort
            • Smiless parent reply how about you watch the video this is based on and see the response? People like this stuff, it's not for attention and if you look at our follower counts I'm doing 10x better than you
  • Smiless reply based on welcome to vidme if you couldn't tell
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