Alan Wake - Ep 08 | PUPPERS D:

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  • [ – ] FoxyFloofYT reply I'm so obsessive when it comes to exploring in games. I have to look in every nook and cranny even if I'm being attacked by hordes of enemies! XD
    • [ – ] robindies parent reply SAME. It makes playing open world games (like Skyrim) incredibly overwhelming, and it drives Will completely crazy hahaha. I honestly am having to tone it down for Alan Wake because otherwise we'd be here for hours.
  • [ – ] StayandPlay reply Love playing this game alone, much more spooky. I enjoy that you guys have the same reactions I did.
    • [ – ] robindies parent reply @StayandPlay I played up until the cabin scene by myself awhile back and was like NOPE, NOT DOING THAT ALONE IN THE DARK! It's a really fun game, though, haha :)
      • [ – ] StayandPlay parent reply Ha ha, I think I made it up to the lovers peak stage and I was like, I need like a week break or something, too freaked out
        • robindies parent reply I play it in half hour sessions, I think if I binge played this all day I would be too spooked for life xD
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