2017 02 02 Trump supporter beaten up by leftist in Berkeley Riots

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  • Heyou-GetOffaMyCloud999 reply from France. Wow! Well said. Carry on.
  • [ – ] Heyou-GetOffaMyCloud999 reply Hey I like what your doing posting conservative videos, like I do.. Not so sure I like the name of the channel tho. does 'Nelson Mendela' happen to be your real name? Take care.
    • NelsonMendela parent reply Thx, you're welcome. But it's not only conservative videos, it's a channel about truth, against fake news from global corporate media. Today all the mainstream media, big bankers, big corporations are promoting globalism. Communists, anarchists and other libtards are supported by the MSM. Why ? Because communism leads to globalism from bottom to top. These useful idiots can not understand this. Liberalism leads to globalism from top to bottom. The only way to fight globalism is nationalism. That's why all the nationalists around the globe are labelled "far right nazi extremists child eater" by the MSM. The 1st step to retake our liberty is to retake control of our media. So : upload, share, like, talk.... Cheers from France.
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