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  • Thornack reply and yes I understand the comparing with homosexuality, only the one is not harmful in the case of "unwilling", and un knowing living beings, I mean, bestiality is also in the same corner, so we can all freely fuck our pets?! death to them!
  • Thornack reply the pedophiles in the video should get an old school boot and bat party, getting skinned, then hanged on their balls on a three, and then used as a living torch! why pedophilia isn't wrong.... it is fucking wrong cause kids will be fucking traumatized..... locking up is only a waste of money and space.....
  • lewren reply "That everybody agreed with, should be taken to a mental institution" ? What about the so often referred to number of 1.6 billion Muslims in the world? Their prophet and highest role model was a child fucker. According to Muslims nothing he did was wrong, sooo..... ?
  • C-4Kawaii reply Agree with you. However some of the people combating this are coming after the blameless people into moe fandom. We just like cute, animated (and clothed) characters on a screen or as figurines.
  • ManyFish reply Thank you for making this video. It is a treasure you know. Peace
  • jasonlee3071 reply Putting people like this in a mental institution is no good unless it cures them or helps them out of their affliction. There is no evidence that is a mental disorder. If so then that means that there not responsible for their actions, which I seriously don't believe is the case. Instead of a sanitarium or institution they need to be placed in a penitentiary. How many crimes are going to be labeled a mental disorder? serial killing? raping? burgarizing? Oh and one more comment about this pervert's comments. He is by no means original in stating that children do have sexual feelings. Over a century ago an Austrian doctor named Sigmund Freud stated the same thing. His claim was that boys lusted after their mother and saw the father as a rival to his affections, and the daughter well you know she was suppose to lust after. He labeled this the "Oedipus Complex'.
  • Badger_Wild reply This is why the world has screw ass holes like omnipolitcs
  • ZenGamesTV reply As much as i want omnipolitics put away, i recognize one thing he is obviously crying out for help, He should check for the exorcist closest to where he lives and avail himself for demon purging either that or go to some psychiatric hospital and check in permanently
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