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  • AceAcer2 reply Ho boy the infamous US gun question ... kinda a complicated topic. Is laws could have prevented this? I don't know. What i know is guns and drugs lead to many bad things and unfortunately murders are the main result of that mix. I'll let this topic for those with political agenda. For me the reality is ... someone got killed by someone else and what i see so far is people defending the killer completely forgetting a human being has been killed. In short, the person who got killed is the victim NOT THE FUCKING KILLER !!! There is no excuse for killing someone, period !
  • SamEarl13 reply Good to see someone treat it like it actually is, simply a murder committed by a complete asshole. There's been enough PSA's and TV programs and stuff over the years about the dangers of abusing drugs (like mushrooms) so its not an excuse in the slightest that he was under the influence.
  • [ – ] SamanthaWilson reply I am glad to see a video that did not give excuses for his crime. Seems everyone wants to blame everything else, like PTSD, Drugs, Mental health or medication. Cant someone just be an asshole who killed his girlfriend without everyone trying to pick reason of the day for bad behavior? If it wasn't a gun it would be a knife, acid attack, stoning or even his bare hands since he was a "martial arts expert". Doesn't matter how he killed her, the fact is he killed this poor girl. I hope her family can find closure as he gets a lethal injection.
    • AceAcer2 parent reply Agree. Even if drugs clearly played a role in this crime the man was already showing signs of mental instability and drugs tend to amplify the negative aspect of someone's personality. Of course some medication can change drastically someone's behavior (and meds like "Effexxor" and "Paxxil" are known to induce suicidal tendencies and even murderous tendencies during the first 3 months of the treatment that's why the patients taking them are usually closely monitored - if not they should be) but for me medication or not it shouldn't be an excuse to get shorter sentences or even get away with a crime. Victims of murders don't get a second chance so why is their killer should have one?
  • [ – ] GrimLander reply He deserves to be executed, don't know why she didn't defend herself. It's not the fault of law abiding gun owners when fucktards shoot and kill people. Spoiler alert those people aren't law abiding!
    • AceAcer2 parent reply Kinda hard to defend yourself against bullets flying at high speed. No one can really protect themselves from psychologically unstable people - specially if the shooter is impaired by drugs. I just hope he will get an severe sentence and his supposedly PTSD will not be a factor in the sentencing.
  • whitezombie reply Well of course its a murder! What else do you call it? Yes its tragic that a young human died but, happens all the time. Hit by a car fell down the stairs, what can i say? The world is a dangerous place. You know where the safest place on earth is? where nothing can hurt you? THE GRAVE! The dead fear nothing. Ask me how i know motherfucking breathers! Guns don't kill people people kill people. He might have used his fists if he did not have a gun, or the infamous blunt object. Fuck! There are a dozen things i could kill you with in any given room. Get a hold on your bladders. He was a psycho. We went of the deep end with srooms, he killed her. WTF was she doing him him is what you should be asking. WTF was she doing in a room with a n armed psycho who did drugs. Stupidity IS fatal soon or late.
  • [ – ] MultiKillerjoe reply Ok first off this has nothing to do with gun laws or politics to do with gun laws. He would have murder her with water he could get his hands on cause he was a druggy or nut. I lived in the US my whole life i have never owned a gun but i am sick and tired of people saying oh if they would make gun laws or something another this wouldn't have happened..... Even if you took all the guns out of the US someone high on drugs that's already nuts would just find another way to murder someone with it being some other weapon and alot of people are like well if it wasn't for american gun laws the laws don't matter people kill people each day with or without guns so stop blaming guns the person holding the weapon is the issue and if the persons high on drugs it's the persons fault for taking the drugs i do agree tightening on laws would be good but people will always have different ways to hurt others and you cannot blame it on laws or politic stand points. What happened was messed up but quit ma...moreking it a point just to say oh well if there were laws against gun!.... Fuck that thinking a person would just find another weapon to hurt someone especially a insane person!
    • MultiKillerjoe parent reply by the way this is not towards you suityourself its toward the people in the comments preach about how it would be so much better if US had better gun laws but i do agree they needa tighten down on it but either way i want to get my point across it most likely wouldn't have helped i mean this guy had many other weapons.
  • Turbo_Spice reply The rats are so cute! Those rodents must've been ignored in the cage for ages, rats who are cuddled and ride on shoulders DO NOT chomp on earlobes! He may have been trying to 'soften' the views, rats don't work for this because not everyone understands them...I wish the rodent had chomped into the bastard's ear, Heather was the more valuable one in that relationship, she was too beautiful to have been sucked in by him!
  • [ – ] BronXyrro reply LOL.... Just LOL. You spend the first half of this video lambasting all the virtue signaling and rightly state this is not a tragedy, because this women is dead as a Result of Russiandeadpool's agency (the reason she is dead is because he is a murderer, end of story). You then spend the second half of this video denying Russiandeadpool's agency so you can VIRTUE SIGNAL about gun control!!!! If only it weren't for America's gun laws, this TRAGEDY would have been avoided!!! If this had happened in Germany, she might have gotten hurt, but there would be no bodies, because our gun laws are soooo progressive... right? Am I right? Somebody give me an AMEN! Seriously America, don't you know its the current year!!!!!! LoL. My friends, your lack of self-awareness here would make a 3rd wave feminist blush.
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