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  • [ – ] Leadhead reply Well that sets a precedent, that judge should be in jail.
  • Markusooi reply Sounds like the same kind of people sit on your courts just like our courts in the US.
  • JunglesBongles reply (((somebody))) made the laws this way on purpose
  • SamEarl13 reply Nowadays its turning less Politically Correct and more Politically Crazy, rapists shouldn't let off from doing it even once and the fact the person obviously doesn't care (and will probably do it again) instead of just being shot or something is disgusting. Good on that butcher as well, its quite easy to see how evil halal food is (pretty sure they even have an animal slaughtering festival in their country).
  • draconath reply My issue is the judge let the shit go. he should be in jail. the judge should be investigated.
  • BlunderingFool reply On the meat topic, fuck yes is happy meat good meat. Had some free range chicken once, slow cooked. Absolutely glorious. That lovely little chicken made me very happy and grateful for it's sacrifice.
  • OdinnBjorn reply My god, it's in Australia too. We need to change this.
  • yuiopads reply You Aren't the only country. It happens in Europe a lot too.
  • GrimLander reply hey i found you!!!!
  • DieselBob reply Float test that fuck. In the Coral Sea. With cinder blocks for a belt.
  • The_Lamb reply What's needed is a skilled hacker, blast through Justice dept of records, copy the twats name address and a photo. Post info on a 'dead end' website. I think you chaps down under could do the rest, just a thought! Cheers.
  • Verepaine reply Aussieland and Canuckland our losing their sanity
  • phook reply Can expect the same treatment if I emigrate to Afghanistan? Oh, wait, my culture doesn't normalise rape.. So.. I could expect the same treatment if I were to emigrate to Afghanistan and display Suit's dancing Muhammad video on loop in my window?? Perhaps he should go live in a country that supports his culture? Oh, wait, he obviously is... Looks like Hungary's becoming more and more appealing.
  • SylvesterSan reply Wants to donate, can't because credit card again.
  • AceAcer2 reply I think i'll take the habit to view your videos here first Suit so if YT fucks with you again at least the video will still be here to be seen if i missed it. As for the video topic, the general rule when traveling is to respect the local rules so if you do something that is against the law of the country you are in you should be punished the same way the locals are, culture or not. For example if you are in possession of some drugs that are legal in your country (like mary in some US states) and you are caught with it at the Canadian border you will be arrested for drug trafficking and 2 things can happen... 1 - if the quantity is minimal(below a certain quantity it's not considered drug trafficking but single possession which is a way lesser offence criminally speaking) you simply will be refused entrance and be returned to the US with any legal actions been taken against you. 2 - if the quantity exceeds a the simple possession quantity then you are charged with drug trafficki...moreng and thrown in the border jail till either the RCMP (think of them as the Canadian FBI) comes to get you and keep you in custody till your trial in Canada or the US authorities will be notified and come to take you to be dealt with in a US trial instead of a Canadian trial In short don't mess with local laws, even if there is a cultural gap it shouldn't exempt you from being punished and jailed if you commit a crime.
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