#Hashtagteams kill your channel

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  • [ – ] hockeyknight reply Hi, Alex. I'm Michael. Your title intrigued me, so, I clicked on your video to see what it was about. I don't have a gaming network, but I can offer you some advice in that the players you don't want to hear from as much can be muted on twitter. Or you can click a button to have certain people's updates not appear on your Facebook page. Since I'm new to your channel, what kind of gaming do you do? Are you a PC or console gamer? Best of luck to you. I'll check in again on you soon.
    • xOdarbiOx parent reply :) hi, funny you mention the mute button on twitter. i only found out about that last night, its a handy feature. just a bit annoying you cant chose to remove people who haven't watched your videos on youtube. right now I'm mostly ps4 and sometimes xbox 360. and occasionally ill play the wii u or 3ds. but if all goes well in a week or so ill be on Pc also. don't know how much ill be playing on there but it'll be good to have the option. and something that records my console in a more stable manner :) thank you. :)
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