Does the Lefts Revisionist History Imply that SLAVERY Never Happened?

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  • [ – ] Switchblade_Jackson1 reply Great point! Abolish the confederate flag because it's a reminder of slavery, but franchesca ramsey and cenk, the fat brown buffalo, uger will bring up slavery every chance they get. Cultural marxism is a bitch. Americans are starting to wake up and I believe freedom and democracy will prevail.
    • KultovKristofer parent reply Theres a lot we have to do to make sure we prevail - the deck is certainly stacked against us - as long as we keep pushing forward our ideas & Truths and stand up for Freedom then we have a fighting chance! Thanks!
  • [ – ] Smiless reply You should put this in the politics category ;)
    • KultovKristofer parent reply Do you think so? I generally feel when Its my opinions on stuff that putting it in blogs makes the most sense - but I do suppose I am talking about politics. Do you think it really matters here? Im not against the idea at all ...
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