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  • professorvapes reply yes have to agree that we have become soft with our kids thankfully mine turned out fine and I came from a family that was feared by many so I had to grow up strong my dad would tell me to stand up to anyone even the teachers but he also used to give me a slap if i did anything wrong so all round I grew up knowing that I had to look after myself but like I said I did see some peeps get bullied and felt for them. thanks for replying and good luck bud the crazy thing is these days kids are treated like children even when they are teens and mummy and daddy think they should wrap them up in cotton wool.
  • [ – ] professorvapes reply lol wish it was so clear but lets face it it ain't people get bullied and have no way of fighting back. I remember way back when I was at school and yes it went on and most mostly ignored by people with the same attitude has you. people with disabilities have not way to fight back other than seek help. people who are bullied by the whole school for being different like race etc. the picture is not what you think some people get bullied so much that they end up shooting the bully but then people like you jump on board saying they must be crazy or have a screw loose. this argument is like I say not so clear. but hey no hard feelings you must expect people to comment on such a vid. peace man
    • Real_Talk_Radio_With_Dan_Lane parent reply yes.. I understand that there are circumstances.... Unfortunately I am not referring to the impaired that get abused. I think those that oppose the impaired ought to be placed in a firing squad. I was bullied for about a week... I didn't do anything because I was afraid I would get in trouble. Then my dad told me that if he heard that I let those kids push me around again, then I would have bigger problems when I got home. So the following day.... wasn't so good for the bully.... I guess my whole point behind this video is that we are raising our kids to be soft.... And we are... Just look at liberals... They are the perpetuating example. You think bullying is an issue in Russia? lol!! Not hardly...
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