Trying To Flavor Up This Dill Pickle Bread With Weird Toppings

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  • [ – ] Roolooth reply At least you've given the Dill Pickle bread a try. It might taste good with honey on it or if you want a savory topping go for sun dried tomatoes.
    • MrJoelDee parent reply Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to try those. The honey especially sounds good. Never even considered that.
  • [ – ] November_Fox reply I would try it with butter. Butter makes everything better and it is bread after all. You could also put a hamburger patty in between two slices of the bread and make a really weird hamburger.
    • MrJoelDee parent reply I have been meaning to try butter actually and I keep forgetting. I bet that would be good. I like the idea of making a hamburger out of it too. 👍
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