💩 VIDEO PROOF Tommy Robinson & Rebel Media Are Liars and Frauds💩

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  • lewren reply "I don't stand behind any man made flag or man made law" .. 2 seconds later: "Let's watch Tommy Robinson BREAKING THE LAW". Nice logic there putting the emphasis on breaking the law, when you only a few seconds before stressed how little care you have for it. Now who's trying to fit an agenda... :) Tommy is a hero, and I'm sure the 1400+ UK sex slave girls would agree. I'm also sure thats only the tip of the mountain thanks to Islam. Someone that has the cohones to stand up to that shit is a hero in my book every day of the week. For the record. Spend less time shooting of your mouth and more time producing arguments. 10 first minutes of this video is just you basically telling people they are stupid if they don't agree with your twisted point of view. Would make a funny video tho to just cut all the pieces together from your video when you're flapping your arms around acting like a retard in trying to express yourself. Also, Tommy/Rebel have certainly explained why he was jailed, p...moreerhaps you missed it. And not once have I ever heard Tommy Robinson blame 'brown' people for rape. He makes it very clear that its Islam that is the issue. And as we all know, ISLAM IS NOT A RACE! But yeah, going back to your agenda I guess. Could only take about 20 min of this video. Pure cancer. All the best of luck to you.
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