Make Sodium Cyanide with Thermite

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  • NurdRage reply Whatever you do. Don't die. And don't kill anyone else either.
  • Pickoo reply I have a bachelor's degree in software engineering, and my fire safety protocol is generally "run out of the room". Is that good enough? This place reminds me of YouTube before Google bought it :)
  • CyanideCloud reply Very cool video. And wow, hella dangerous; definitely understand why you didn't want to put this on YouTube!
  • Pyrhan reply Just created an account here to subscribe to your new channel. Glad to see you manage to find a place better than youtube. (who knows, they may soon be losing their quasi-monopole on Internet videos if they keep poorly treating youtubers...) Also, hadn't that video already been uploaded to Youtube before? I'm pretty sure I saw a video on making cyanide with a thermite reaction. (or maybe it was the early version posted to patreon?)
  • tommycallaway reply I definitely can't use this new knowledge anywhere but I loved the video. Thank you :)
  • TeleTransOne reply Neato. I like the idea of posting vids here that you can't post on youtube.
  • creamydreamy reply What was the percentage yield of this process?
  • reallyNotMe reply What the hell is this website about? ._.
  • Just_A_Viewer reply Cant i just make the Na3C3N3O3 by mixing the H3C3N3O3 and NaOH in water?
  • transcendtient reply Can't you speed up the prussian blue reaction with an acid? Codys Lab used a lemon.
  • bikejake reply Another account crossover 100% for Nerd Rage. I hadn't heard of until NR mentioned it. Thanks.
  • PyroDesu reply So, making Cyanide the !!FUN!! way, not the sane (but slow) way. Love it, even if it is a tad nuts. (And add another sign-up to your count).
  • Syrnian reply Created an account to watch your, not suitable for Youtube, videos.
  • Neros_Shadow reply Just came here to like your video mate. I appreciate all the work you do as it helps me occationally in my starting lab for college level work and beyond. Keep doing the science NurdRage.
  • deathwish reply l will not do this l am here only for knowledge
  • JayDrinksBeer reply Thanks, this is the part of chemistry they should teach earlier.. Well, I guess without the amount of potential lethal aspect..
  • Linux_Worm reply So glad your videos are just as good as they were 6-7 years ago! Thank you for all your hard work in the videos.
  • adeus_ministre reply Thanks for using instead of poopchest!
  • extract reply I didn't know you had a vidme account, NerdRage. Definitely following!
  • WhatWillHappenIf reply Hello NurdRage. You are legend on Chemistry. ☺☺
  • LloydIsCool721 reply Wow that's neat.
  • sixstringerik reply Great video! And thanks for the introduction to!
  • omegahunter9 reply I love the intro - it's funny, but it strikes fear into the thought of trying it. Both entertaining and useful! For some reason in my mind I always thought that at high temperatures cyanide would decompose...
  • deathwish reply And l just created account here because of you, you are doing good advertising for
  • syslen reply urea, drain cleaner and magnesium et voilà you've got a deadly poison. love chemistry
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