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The emdrive – part II

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April 4 2017

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Let's examine these theories of emdrive operation and see if they make sense. =========================================== 0:22 Shawyer's theory 2:39 McCulloch's modified inertia 6:23 Arto Annila's paired photon exhaust 7:07 Harold White's Quantum Vacuum Virtual Plasma 11:36 A dark matter jet engine? 12:30 Mach's principle =========================================== Roger Shawyer's theory paper: Mike McCulloch's papers: Arto Annila's paper: Harold White on the vacuum: Excellent article by John Baez explaining the issues with zero-point energy: John Baez on the "quantum vacuum virtual plasma" Pool video: =========================================== Let's calculate the size of a dark matter propeller that produces 0.1 mN of thrust when fed 80 W. We find the mean velocity of dark matter particles in the emdrive first. We assume all 80 watts are being to accelerate dark matter particles with a uniform, constant force. The change in kinetic energy per unit time for the dark matter particles is F.v, so on average we'll have F.⟨v⟩ = (0.1 mN).⟨v⟩ = 80 W ⟹ ⟨v⟩ = 800 km/s. Because p = mv, the average force imparted to the emdrive is given by F = (dm/dt) ⟨v⟩ Where (dm/dt) is the mass flux going through the emdrive. So (dm/dt) = 0.1 mN / (800 km/s) ≈ 0.1 micrograms/second Doesn't sound like a lot, but dark matter is extremely rarefied. Out here by us its density should be about 1 kg in the entire volume of the Earth. So the volume flow is mass flow / (dark matter density) ≈ 0.1 micrograms/second / (1 gram / cubic megameter) volume flow ≈ 100 km³/s We can also write the volume flow as the area of the device times the velocity. So volume flow = A.v ⟹ A = volume flow / v = 100 km³/s / (800 km/s) = 125 000 m2 If the emdrive is circular, A = π r², so r = sqrt(A/π) ≈ 200 m. This dark matter powered emdrive is 400 m in diameter. About a quarter mile. =========================================== Copyrighted material reproduced under fair use.

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