Star Citizen: Big Arse Fockin' ships Multicrew.

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  • [ – ] NamelessHollow reply How many planets can I expect to explore in the final version if they are all going to be that big?
    • [ – ] XtremeTuberVII parent reply MMMM... let's say we're gonna be starting out with 100, and gradually over time expanding. Players will be discovering new planets via jump points, giving that career actual meaningful meaning. Most of them are going to be this size, some of them are going to be moon sized, or dwarf planet sized. Even the moon has 38 million square kilometers of surface area to explore. Planets will be about 1/10th scale, I think, though solar systems might be full scale. So.... still 3.8 million square KM to play with on a moon. Sooo,. the earth would be 510.1 million km² /10 which is 51 million square KM for us to play around with.
      • [ – ] NamelessHollow parent reply Can we start towns? I personally would like to start a town and have trade with other towns and planets. and have deliveries and stuff and just have a whole economy.
        • [ – ] XtremeTuberVII parent reply I would say that in some form, we might be able to do that. There are outposts on planets, I imagine if enough people dedicate resources, they'll slowly expand over time., In this game, supply and demand actually affects prices and the growth or failure rate of systems and colonial outposts.
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