Antifa/SJW Tolerance: Tossing Piss at Lauren Southern at March Against Shariah

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  • cornhole01 reply Leftist Stormtroopers attack with legacy media encouragement. A problem with 'conservatives' is that they are conservative.
  • bassethp reply "Clusterfuck of Stupidity!!" Loved the perfectly accurate description. Brutal honesty!!
  • Cryptonymus reply As I said before... Useful Idiots. - Nothing less, nothing more.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Primitive societies still exist. Tommy Robinson confronts another accused Muslim grooming gang How to assimilate use a Hockey stick to beat your wife. Syrian Refugee beats wife with a hockey stick
  • OralRobots reply There was an Infowars reporter circulating through the Antifa crowd in Austin. He got a lot of their faces on camera. Many of the Antifa looked like they were either heavily drugged or insane. They were unable to answer even the most basic questions about what they were doing or why. It makes me wonder if the Soros organizers simply rolled up to a mental hospital in a bus and offered the inmates cash to go out and fling poo for a few hours.
  • wolfalexzemla reply What about putting that time and energy into helping the comminity
  • wolfalexzemla reply approaching savages
  • avanlmaas reply Are these primatives Soros funded?
  • kronstadt1921 reply I remember you. You're the Drugs guy from youtube. Mr. Trip Report. How do you think Trump or Jeff Sessions might regard your extensive use of psychotropic drugs? Do you think they would approve? We both know that they want to stick your ass in jail, don't we?
  • cafeinus reply the irony of hard leftist goons defending the most othodox form of islamism is golden plated 'gulags are out of fashion let's go for religious theocracy on steroid'
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