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  • [ – ] sarah reply https://redd.it/5nmtz8 !
    • ValiantShadow parent reply Wow! Coming here from Youtube, seeing such transparent, human, reasonable responses astounds me! Thank you so much for openly talking with the community about changes and such! @Socore , thanks for making this video.
    • Socore parent reply Thank you so much for the reply!
  • [ – ] EmmanuelGoldstein reply It is still much better than what YouTube is doing
    • [ – ] Socore parent reply I agree, but like all things it could use some improvement, and I do not condone what they're doing with the hot videos, but again that is a different topic entirely to what this video is focusing on.
      • AMindofVlad parent reply Actually, vidme needs to improve a lot of stuff. It is still in its early stages so we should leave good feedback as much as possible.
  • InfoWarsShow_AlexJones reply I already messaged Socore on this but David Seaman has noticed his videos are no longer allowed to trend. He asked Vid.Me what is wrong and he was told they decided NEWS videos are no longer allowed to trend. After David complained about it on a YouTube video, I see he has a video trending again. I hope the other problems are only bugs to be worked out.
  • nomadic reply Please check out corbettereport his new video talks of MAYBE a better place for us to post our videos called BitChute sounds very cool...pass the word my friends...
  • InfoWarsShow_AlexJones reply I am really hoping everything is quickly sorted out and the stop gap thing ends soon. I have a question, if anyone can help. What is the points system? I have searched around here trying to find info but had no luck. I have googled but cannot find a topic on it. And the strangest thing is two days ago I had 1,007 points and today it is 995 points. So now I know it can go up and down but that is all I know about it. Thanks.
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