Anime Hype Doesn't Matter

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  • AnimeReviews reply I hate it when Fandom tries to tell you how to watch or enjoy a series or franchise. A fanbase I'm a part of that I despise is the Fate franchise, they constantly kiss Ufotable or the visual novel's butt. Don't give Studio Deen any credit for their pragmatic adaptation of the Fate route when it was made back when visual novels rarely got multiple adaptations. They also accuse reviewers of "Watching it wrong" if they dare criticize anything by Ufotable, even though the director Moura admitted he doesn't understand Shirou Emiya, which is a major problem of what is wrong with Unlimited Blade Works 2014. Then you got the visual novel people who worship the grammatically AWFUL fan translation.
  • [ – ] C-4Kawaii reply Yes! I love anime and even obscure things in 'otaku' culture, such as denpa. However I can't stand most anime fans. They began to ruin it all for me so I distanced myself from them. I refuse to call myself otaku or anything else due to most of them. Of course there are exceptions. For example I'm surprised to find myself genuinely liking your content.
    • OutlawHarvest parent reply Anime Fans are really annoying at times. I still interact with the community because I've found some interesting people here and good friends here. There's good discussion if you know where to look. BUT if you spend all your time on 4Chan threads with people arguing about what's the best Wiafu it's gonna get pretty tiring. As you said there are exceptions to these people and those exceptions can be great. I call myself an Otaku because I enjoy the medium and I don't mind being lumped in with the more strange members of the community. I enjoy all things Otaku so I label myself as such. I'm happy to explain myself if needed. It's one of the few labels I ascribe to because it encompasses everything I like in media and also describes my obsessive personality towards said media. I appreciate you enjoying my videos. I do this out of love for the medium and to have people commenting on what I do feels great. Thanks!
  • [ – ] C-4Kawaii reply Yes, very true. SAO proved to my that anime hype doesn't matter. But I have a special place in my heart for both Chobits and Lain, and I mention those two since it seems many don't like them. They got average reviews. To me they will always be gold.
    • OutlawHarvest parent reply I wasn't a fan of SAO beyond the first episode. As for Lain and Chobits you'd be surprised a lot of people love those shows. And then there's another camp that thinks they're okay. I wanna watch them soon when I got time.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply Speaking of anime hype, I never saw the appeal of Tengen Toppa Gurenn Lagann. Hell, I saw fifteen episodes of that and wasn't impressed in the slightest. The Riki-Oh OVAs, despite being derided, were much more enjoyable.
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