Trying to resuscitate a dead pigeon is like trying to reform Islam.

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  • EmGreen reply Yes. Reform of islam not possible. It is governed by a trilogy of doctrines. The koran, the hadith collection-the sayings and doings of mohammed and the sira which is the biography of mohammed's life. The koran contributes 14% governance. The Hadith contributes 60% and the sira contributes 26% governance. You cannot change an autobiography truthfully nor the sayings and doings. The koran is not allowed to be altered according to allah no man may change the words. Although they do when they translate (incorrectly) into watered down English versions. Reformation is a stall tactic deception in this case.
  • wolfalexzemla reply islum cant be reformed. The koran has to stop telling muslims to kill. That's never going to happen obviously. muslim fundamentalists will always float to the top like turds in the sewer. Look what the democRATS have floated in the last few years.
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