Jim Sterling's Zelda BoTW Review Controversy | What to Think? | Chicknwings

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  • ConsoleKev reply Reviews are opinions at the end of the day. And to be fair a 7/10 is still a good score people tend to overlook that. Zelda will always get s high score because if its legacy. This is why i look more at lets plays these days. You get someones true raw opinion in real time while playing the game in real time. No game is perfect. No game is a 10. Ive seen reviewers give 10s to a game and then weeks later, the honeymoon phase is over and wam, suddenly the game has flaws
  • [ – ] spiderfan_MJ reply I thought this controversy was an interesting look at how many crazy people are on the interwebz. I have an idea for What to Think: Trading in games/consoles for other/newer games/consoles.
    • Chicknwings parent reply Many people who are big fans of something can be fickle depending on how bad it will effect them. Thankfully, not every fan is like that.
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