Low IQ Is Caused By Culture, Not Genetics

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  • frbe0101 reply Well yes IQ can be increased by early education and such, but yes you are correct, there are limitations, some people are born smarter then others. Certainly black culture does not help, a culture based around thuggery and drugs is not going to bring up IQ.
  • ty2010b reply It's both, conscientiousness selects for IQ (80% heritable) but conscientiousness is only 40% heritable. It's genetically inherited but the damage is from selection. There's no genetic cap on IQ in relation to race, this is why low scoring minority groups still have that long, thin tail to the right. It's a result of degenerate culture that purposely selects for the bottom of the barrel.
  • dAVIDmOORE19 reply Ok, Devon... I downloaded the Vid.me app and created an account because I'm really starting to hate YouTube. I've followed you for a while. Why? Because you are fucking right... about most stuff.
  • kion_dgl reply Is there any link between IQ and crime? Seems like if you have two brain cells to rug against each other to fill out your taxes would be enough be a civic functional member of society.
  • lionshart reply It was nice of you to include kissing before the concluding remix.
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