Daily Monster X-024

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  • StefanBucher reply @AnarchyofAdam Thank you for noticing!
  • AnarchyofAdam reply What's most impressive about this video to me is the fact that the monster was drawn upside down.
  • StefanBucher reply @HauntedDark Watching Minority Report right now. :^)
  • Hexified reply That is some real talent right there, good job!
  • DarkkTV reply I think we all have at least something we hide and keep a mystery to others. Putting ourselves in situations because we feel like we have to or because we want to fit in. Sometimes in my mind I think about all the different possibilities of reactions people will have if I say or do a certain thing. I think sometimes its for our own good and sometimes it can hurt us. Good submission frank!
  • rly-rad-val reply wow, first time in vidme and i find this beautiful human. now that's talent, ill stop being in this blank world i am seeing now, and i'll start drawing real creative stuff, maybe some day i could be as good as you are! but probably in 10 years :p
  • erwinsuryadipraja reply I Just Recomend Movie and TV Series Full Movie Online its FREE, Subtitle Complete Here : http://www.ganmovie.com , Thanks Guys
  • StefanBucher reply @Hexified Thank you!
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