How To Make A Spiked Buckler (Spiked Shield)

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  • Lawborn reply Downright Medieval!!
  • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully reply That is such a great idea!!! I am going to drop by some 2nd hand shops next time I am in the city and buy a wok!!!!!
  • ShedNinja reply No probs, I've had zero time to build anything but I'd love to use those really bright LED strips you see on eBay to make a torch shield in the shape of the Union Jack. Need to be laminated with Polycarbonate though to protect the lights, so massively expensive to make unfortunately
  • [ – ] ShedNinja reply Nice. How about doing a version with a Cree torch instead of spike with strobe on it. Be good for personal safety if checking for unexpected guests if you hear something in the night
    • WeaponCollector parent reply That is a great idea hadn't though of that, that would actually be a useful thing to have. if i do another i will defo do that, cheers for watching mate
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