North Korea Fires Missile Across Japan; Not Provocation You Say?

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  • [ – ] Action_Jack reply Fuck it. America, and our allies need to fucking strike NK now. Kim john Un is about to be Kim John Fucked.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Really?? Well if our allies get involved first then we have an obligation to back them up. However, lets not forget lessons learned from the late roman empire: decadence, overextension stemming from hubris of thinking they were unstoppable. Be careful with the warmongering. Im totally down to defend the japanese because they gave us the best bikes the world has ever seen. I dont like the new gsx-r but the 2005-2013 models are on point. If they get involved we defend them but youve gotta learn lessons from history. Take a deep breath man, relax.
    • Ozspaceduck parent reply Kim John lol
  • [ – ] ThatLaowaiGuy reply I'm reminded of the Breaking Bad episode where Mike is telling Water about when he was a beat cop. For those that don't know the story, he responded to the same domestic disturbance call multiple times. Once, instead of just taking the guy to jail, he drives to the middle of the desert, puts a gun in the guy's mouth and threatens to kill him if he ever lays a hand on her again; lets him off instead of pulling the trigger. Two weeks later the guy ends up killing his wife. Mike tells Walter he would never again use a half measure. That's exactly what we've been doing with DPRK for the past 50 years. The time for half measures is over.
    • AScannerDaftly parent reply A solid two decades of placation. I'm into peace but I don't want to wake up one morning and Seoul doesn't exist anymore.
  • [ – ] Thurisaz17 reply I say we flank them with our navy in the Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan, and issue a final warning: "Any more missile launches are an act of war." If they defy that action, unleash on Pyongyang. Destroy their artillery fields, and provide continued support from the sea for a South Korea invasion force to reunify the peninsula. This is now the third generation of Kim agitation. They need to be brought to their knees. They continually press the boundaries of what's diplomatically acceptable until they get the hush money they seek. Cut them the fuck off. Every time they push the boundary further and further. Eventually there will be no boundary.
    • stoejoe parent reply When Kim dies they are likely to attack out of ideology anyways. So yea i agree fuck it, let's go.
    • Wolfbeckett parent reply If you give North Korea a warning like that, all you're doing is inviting them to preemptively unload their artillery on Seoul. What needs to happen is a massive sneak attack in the middle of the night, scramble all the bombers in range to destroy as much of their entrenched artillery as humanly possible before they have time to react. Once the artillery is dealt with and we're no longer worried about millions of South Korean civilian casualties then we can take any number of different lines to dealing with North Korea but we have to deal with that artillery right out of the gate or it will be a bloodbath in Seoul.
  • [ – ] Auceza reply It's a provocation. But how to answer it properly?
  • Lost_Bobbl reply Let's just turn Pyongyang into mushroom soup
  • [ – ] pychawk reply Why is every fucking video on vidme stoops every 10 seconds?!!
    • Brandon95 parent reply It could be an issue with your wifi/and or cellular connection, it's working fine on my end.
    • [ – ] Leadtwitch parent reply I have never had one buffer at all.
      • [ – ] pychawk parent reply It runs for 10 seconds and stops for 20 seconds and keeps doing this the entire length of the video. I don't have this problem with YouTube. Needless to say, I am on Google phone....
        • Auceza parent reply Try STYXHEXENHAMMER666 ...
        • Mountainghost556 parent reply I happens to me.
        • VybeyPantelonez parent reply I've had the same issue on android, try going to the homepage tap the upper righthand corner then select default quality try 480 or 720. I wont go into tinfoil hat mode but will definitely say weird things happen on the app that don't happen on computer **puts on tinfoil hat anyway**
  • baneofpepe reply The video resolution is 10.2% better in VidMe than it is on YT.
  • [ – ] RayOfHope reply If a Foxterrier barks at a Rottweiler in the hopes that the bravado will scare the Rottweiler, it would take a very insecure Rottweiler to claim that the Foxterrier was threatening it and therefore claims that as grounds for an attack. North Korea has half the population of South Korea and five times fewer than Japan. There is no way they are a credible threat.
  • Jowley reply America needs to stay away but instead work with other country's in the area of N Korea to invade and take over. Give it to the South Koreans. The only issue I see the ore in the north of North Korea. China will want it. If they get involved it important for then west to grt involved then.
  • ArisnRyan reply Your volume is twenty to thirty decibels quieter than normal
  • valereth reply IF Japan declared war over this, I would not blame them
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Obama the worst President should of dealt with this before it became a Nuclear Threat, he has 8 years and did nothing. It was the Clintons that gave Nuclear reactors and trained their engineers which is how they make their Nuclear industry. What did the Clinton get for this treason, did they get money for their Clinton Foundation from North Korea. The Canadian Government is funding terrorism, when the give aid too the PLO as they pay terrorist to murder Jews. Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund
  • ClimatePonziLie reply I say use limited Nuclear weapons a half dozen to a dozen smaller Nukes. First strike to take out their main military installations and then quickly followed with additional strikes taking out remaining bases with daisy cutters and hit the boarder with thousands of rockets neutralizing their tanks and rocket launchers and destroying as many of North Koreas military assets within hours. Then start the campaign of destroying any remaining military resistance by pounding them away with air strikes for the next Month, until they agree to sign a peace treaty.
  • kikkie2 reply sounds like someone is telegraphing their ambitions as a senator in like maybe Arizona soon..
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply Were China the World Policeman, there would be peace in the middle east in record time. Why? Because the Chinese would kill all of the native populace there without batting an eye.
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply Liberalism and political correctness are, once again, at the root of this bullshit also!
  • Space_Gorilla reply Too bad any and all intervention will result in boots on the ground troop Deployment. We have US troops stationed there already. It can't be just naval and air power.
  • jed1984 reply I'm in full support of japan and south Korea. we're all still at war with North Korea it's only a ceasefire. i don't agree with sticks i think the current leadership is bonkers
  • respawn reply No. It's not aggression. You think satellites flying overhead our airspace is aggression? No? Then a long-distance missile isn't either. It landed in international waters, right? Well, then what's the problem. All the nuclear-armed states have had to go thru the steps NK are now. It's not aggression, they are doing what they need to not get attacked by USA. USA and South-Korea has repeatedly threatened North Korea, so are they supposed to sit there like good little lambs while the wolves of USA and South Korea posture like mad? North Korea hasn't threatened anyone if you check what they actually has said, they only threaten to retaliate.
  • Mountainghost556 reply So if my neighbor hates me and sets my yard on fire it's ok because it didn't set my house on fire. I think I would stop him at my yard.
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