Cheating in School (Ft. TheOdd1sOut)

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  • [ – ] ElCidDos reply Very clever. Thanks, I'll make sure I check for these with my students.
    • TheAMaazing parent reply I'm sure with emerging technology like apple watches, there must be better ways to cheat now ;)
    • firaro parent reply Remember, it doesnt matter. Middle/high school isnt about learning but rather proof you are the kind of person capable of completing it. So if they cheat in a sufficiently sneaky way then noone loses, no reason to try extra hard to notice it. Unless ofc it threatens your job security or whatever, then that makes sense.
  • [ – ] PuzzlesIRL reply Harsh?! That wasn't harsh at all! PS. Cheating is good; it will help you out in real life more than anything else you learn in school...unless you become a teacher or something 😜
  • Elizard reply Satan's calculator
  • CimlyAnimations reply My comment got 1200 likez on youtube lol (this video)
  • [ – ] Darkfirefox465 reply Ok AMaaz draws good even with out eyes but James with no eyes is like holy crap James is an alien everyone run!!
  • [ – ] Mike_The_Monsta reply x equals negative b plus minus square root b squared minus four a c all over two a, that's the quadratic formulae
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