10 Best SECRET LEVELS in Video Games (You Probably Didn't Know Existed)

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  • AndyBerlino reply Original deus ex
  • videogameplayer100 reply From what I heard about the MGS3 secret level was that it was actually meant to be a whole different game, but it never got picked up.
  • BlunderingFool reply Only one I didn't know about was the star-wars alternative ending, I feel pretty accomplished on my trivia right now. Here's a secret level for YOU though. If you go and boot up l4D2 on PC and open up the console, you can find a test version of the parish's maps 1 and 2, combined as one single map. They originally were supposed to be this way but it was considered too long so they got split up. Just type "Map" followed by a space, and then press the tab button until you get a level that ends in "Soundscape". It's highly incomplete and a pretty fun curiosity, you'll need to "Kick" the bots to fully explore the creepy place though, but thankfully none of the infected spawn ether.
  • F1r3fly reply Great content and great voice! :)
  • VanJazz reply Skate Heaven on Tony Hawk 2 for the PS1
  • SamEarl13 reply Some of the best levels in games are the ones you can't get to without hacking/cheating like test levels. For example Plok on SNES has a level which is nothing but a huge 2 floor cave filled with all the powerups in the game to mess around with (although sadly no enemies to kill from what I remember).
  • sakuramboo reply Anyone ever told you that you sound like SirActionSlacks?
  • blindfire reply The secret level in Brood War was one of my favorites.
  • danielamann reply Let me confirm, I did indeed have no idea about any of these SECRET LEVELS ... uhhhh I need to play more games hahahaha!
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