Opioids are completely controlled by Governments

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  • [ – ] jmaine reply The drug war is and always has been a fraud. The terror war is a fraud. The military is and always has been the largest importer of drugs. Both of these wars were nothing more than an excuse to destroy liberties and increase police authority. If you believe the 911 'story' that aluminum aircraft can completely penetrate a concrete wall with reinforced steel beams, there is little hope for you. The buildings were designed to withstand a commercial jet impact, yet fell exactly like a controlled demolition. In addition a third building fell'wtc7'. It was actually reported to have collapsed before it even happened. The cause of its collapse was reportedly caused by office furniture fires. It too dropped exactly like a controlled demolition. The news is complicit in creating these propaganda events. If you research the NDAA of2012 the creation of propaganda and the deliberate lying by the media or gov't is now legal. Even though it was going on long before that. Nearly every terror event ha...mores been nothing more than a staged drill, reported as an actual event. Typically followed by new laws restricting liberty and the creation of fraudulent charity accounts for fake victims. A simple YouTube search followed by the word hoax, reveals dozens if not hundreds of videos clearly showing this. ie Sandy hook hoax, Boston marathon hoax, London bombing hoax. Even the Canadian parliament hoax. All nothing more than an excuse to build larger police forces with ever increasing authority, maintain fear and division and pass ever restrictive laws. Liberty is dead, most are dumbed down by a shoddy education system, the poisoning of the water with fluoride, harmful vaccines and tv programming. Apathy, indifference and ignorance abound.
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