Why Don't I Criticise the Right?

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  • Jahvs reply Without freedom of speech, all other rights will be taken away one by one.
  • TopHatsandChampagne reply Vid.me master race.
  • [ – ] QuasWex reply I'd like vid.me more if they fixed their shit. I tried to skip to where I left off and shit doesn't load. Gotta go on youtube to watch this now smh
    • PhantomVigilante parent reply In my experience Vidme's video player is far superior to Youtube's, Youtube's is slow as fuck..
    • SkepticalCaveman parent reply I new to Vidme and uploaded my first video here today. I accidentally uploaded it twice and couldn't delete the duplicate with the android app so I had log in with chrome to remove it. I expect Vidme to improve over time as it already has done since the last time I tested the app a few months ago.
  • Happy6Valley reply The days of the Left v Right duality are gone and we need to stop using those terms. It is now a battle between individual rights/Free Speech versus collective rights/Intersectionality. Libertarians versus Cultural Marxists.
  • Bea_Smith reply Sargon, you are not allowed to do this, Vadim Newquist says so!
  • Happy6Valley reply Good piece from Sam Kiley on Sky today. http://news.sky.com/story/sky-views-thin-skinned-millennials-need-a-spanking-10834132 Not offen the MSM criticises the SJWs
  • The_Kek_Refugee reply I suffer the exact same dilemma with my "liberal" (progressive) friends.
  • albeerobert reply Sargon, the Left would consider you Right Wing.
  • albeerobert reply What is up, Sargon?
  • DanielHuntington reply Personally, I think we need to encourage rational discussions and debates from both the right and the left about challenging topics and ideas. It would be very beneficial to society.
  • cage_marc reply Maybe when we stop generalizing ever individual as "left" or "right", we can make some actual progress.
  • Leitis reply The eternal Anglo is directly responsible for his problems. Your wimpy unexamined individualistic society is left wide open for group exploitation. Every single anglo society is being fucked over by cultural marxists. Do you see no problem there? There are no ancient anglo-saxon liberties left anywhere in the world. And there is direct line from liberalism and individualism to your current state. Enjoy it, cause you made it.
  • madel_schmadel reply Never saw this video in my EweTube feed. So glad I joined Vidme where protecting a valued, time-honored culture that enshrines the fundamental right to free speech is actually a priority.
  • GSP-4ME reply Sargons nailed it.
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