Dear delusional dominionist atheists

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  • GeorgeMcGee reply Perhaps you’ll have a look at this: If shria law were written into American law, it would not contain the word “shira” . It would only refer to cultures and “religious practices” and use the first amendment to protect this political ideology on religious grounds. When you say “ not other countries, just America” you negate the evidence of what shria law has done in other countries which has brought their society down to it’s knees. The rape gangs, the no-go zones, you’ve heard of them? Brother, I want you to live and be free to make videos like this one. If those monsters come here they will throw you off a building or behead you for being gay and the “moderate muslims” will cheer as they kill you. I will fight them to save you even if you disagree with me. I can co-exist with you my brother, the muslims will not tolerate you. We must join together or they will divide and conquer us. If I can’t say ...morelook at London!” then you stifle my argument and in the end an Islamic blade will take your life. And mine. Christian, Atheist, gay or straight, we all die.
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