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  • AceAcer2 reply What it will takes to wake people? People are already awake but the problem is our leaders aren't and since most of them are liberals from the far far far far far far far left they don't dare to act. Germany and Sweden are good examples of this. Lets just say that feminism and SJWs aren't helping the situation either because they already made clear they allied themselves with Islam for some obscure reasons. Once again it's the Feminists Paradox in action. Anyways, good video and i'm looking forward for your collaboration videos :)
  • [ – ] Session_Jones_209 reply that area of the Philippines has been 80 percent muslim since the 1700s with no problems then one day out of nowhere over 500 i sis sleeper cell member
  • MaxIzrin reply That fucking Bitler dropkick! ROFL!
  • [ – ] Aaronshy reply Transable, Transage, Transpecies? What the heck?! I understand transgender and transracial......something in the mind makes them feel different from who they are and I guess the other 3 are the same way but Transable seems the worst as they seem to want to do things to give them a disability......who the heck would want that?!
    • [ – ] Cachet98 parent reply Really just sounds like a mental problem but our society choses play along with the mental problems instead of treating them.
      • Aaronshy parent reply I feel it hard to judge to harshly on what they feel is right for them except in the case of Transability as they are hurting themselves! They are the one group that truly needs help. Though transage is a close second. At least Transgender Transracial and Transspecies aren't doing anything too dangerous. Just.....transpecies seems weird......but it's mostly harmless.
  • Sock_Puppet reply Lets take note of these mentally ill people as they get to play "make believe" even as adults, they will be the cannon fodder I plan to hide behind when the shit really hits the fan, operation retard shield!
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