Marriage is Business for them

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  • [ – ] PeenBlast reply how does one man complaining about women come off as such a little bitch?
    • [ – ] The_Kingbreaker parent reply Simple, men are hard wired to avoid other men unwilling to incur risk and responsibility. Any man complaining might be a risk to another man to include him in his entourage, thus you are easily dismissive of men who claim there is an inherent threat to marriage. You won't care what they say until you are fucked yourself. Go play the hero. Just don't expect us to care when you're complaining. Your rules.
  • TexDon reply I followed you over here from YouTube. Great video as always!
  • WhackedOutEntertainment reply sorry about your divorce, dude
  • Richardfielder reply I seach for brainfood not fertilizer. ..this video in seach heading of i need to sabotage my marriages
  • JustThinking reply Hey John, thanks for letting me know that you're on :) Keep up the great content!
  • John_Sheppard reply Hey John, what if the government puts a tax on unmarried men from the age of 30 lets say that's one way i think they can hurt us because they can't stop us as MGTOW.
  • A_Psy_Thinking_Outside_The_Box07 reply Marriage is a deal including a third party, which is the government. So the best thing is to not marry but have a paper between the two if they absolutely want one BUT DO NOT MARRY. Then if it comes to they depart from each other, each takes their things back and split what they have shared together, which is written in the paper they wrote together. So no government, no court system nor attorneys are involved and therefore, no shit and a lot of money saved for the man because yes, this society is unjust in so many ways, including the topic of the video. Could you please tell me how you get your videos in the brainfood section please?
  • SunsetPop reply Sounds like you go after shitty women.
  • WeirdestNews reply lol," all of the bullshit" Why do I feel like you got divorced and they took all your money. Check out my channel for funny shit and not all this bitching and crying about women.
  • Staplez reply So, MGTOWs are the male Feminazis. Both super cancerous crybabies.
  • Kiruna reply I think most us men see marriage as a business partnership where both are equally committed to growing and prospering together through thick or thin. Is good the word is getting out that women see marriage in the same way as a conman sees a mark.
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