Modern Vegetarian US MRE Menu 12: Veggie Burger

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  • [ – ] jivenderosis reply Thanks for letting us smell the fruit punch mix mr styx :)
  • ToFat2Fish reply Hey Styxs you should start your videos with hi vidme instead of hi YouTube. On one level it will serve as a shot at YouTube on the 2nd it will be a easy way to let everyone know you are uploading on as well
  • [ – ] PernilaGustafsson reply You do know why they cannot sell these meals to the public? Because they don't pass public safety standards! They are so toxic loaded preservatives, artificial sweeteners, dyes, fillers and with MSG that many vets become paranoid after eating them for more than a month and they shit bricks according to a US solider friend! MSG which has been linked to numerous diseases and conditions in addition to being addictive, never mind the preservatives, artificial sweeteners, dyes, fillers etc, which are yuck, veterans are twice as likely to develop A.L.S and die earlier due to complications from the MRE'S than those who did not serve or eat MRE's. Many now believe Gulf war syndrome was the high level of these toxins in the MRE's because many Vets did not come into contact with the depleted uranium. These packages contain levels of MSG far beyond EPA recommendations some of these ingredients are actually manufactured in China, and only distributed by Meal Kit Supply. As well as the free toxi...morec preservatives, artificial sweeteners, dyes, fillers, etc that kill if you if you live through war you die anyway sooner then most. No point eating healthy and then eating this poison.
    • [ – ] Hurech parent reply It's been about a decade since I last had an MRE, but I remember them also being loaded with trans fats.
  • jivenderosis reply Not youtube >:(
  • joystickjiggler reply You don't like raisins? unfollowed!!!!!!
  • TheDrop24 reply Just signed up and following you on here.
  • ArchaicRealms reply That bread looks like a pop tart without the frosting.
  • JimmyRustlerJohn reply Those leather pants...I don't know what to think anymore
  • bl_kirk reply Awesome! Ive been wondering about vegetarian MREs
  • christinacrazy reply I hate raisins too! 😷😷
  • christinacrazy reply Yay! I'm vegan and I love vege burgers!!!! Mmmmm! 😋😋😋
  • regularassaveragedude reply My favorite MREs is the chicken and rice and chicken tetrazini.
  • Sandi81 reply Get $100 Gift Card to Your Favorite Fast Food!
  • Avonalken reply Is this vegan compatable? If not then is vegan a option?
  • crepulus reply How about ..."Alright Vidme, Alright Youtube"..... the message there is alternative? Or how about "Alright Haters......" subverting ironeeeeeeeeeee?
  • CCDog reply I know the military employs food scientist just to make MREs palatable
  • Bee4pcGoldenRule reply Steve1989MRE just uploaded a new MRE Reveiew ~
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