JonTron Kicked From Yooka-Laylee Project and Full Throttle Remastered | GameTalk

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  • [ – ] Ms_K reply love the game talk,enjoyed have a new follower :-)
  • [ – ] Malum reply I like what your channel is going for. A constructive criticism if I may... It is very obvious (to the point of being distracting) when your eyes move to off camera to read your next line. Is there a way to have your script just above or below the camera by chance? That may help. Best of luck guys, followed.
    • [ – ] JennyFedora parent reply Yeah, we noticed that in editing. The problem is that we are lacking a teleprompter at the moment. Right now we have a Laptop sitting to the left of the camera. We'll see what we can do to move the Laptop to above the camera if we can until we can get equipment to improve the setup.
      • Dos_Gaming parent reply When I do conferences for my university I tend to memorise the stuff and ad lib anything that goes wrong. You could try doing the lines over and over until it comes of naturally.
  • [ – ] Malum reply Another suggestion... You might want to put your names at the top of the description field in your videos. My previous comment applies primarily to the man on the left side of the screen (his position seems to be farther away from the script). I was going to edit my comment to reflect that, but realized I dont know either of your names and didn't see them listed.
    • AllTheCoins parent reply Haha I can't believe we forgot to introduce ourselves... thank you for taking the time to give us some valuable feedback! Much appreciated!
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