Star Trek Lore: Orville Versus Star Trek

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  • [ – ] TheAfroGamer reply Now that's what call quality content keep it up
  • [ – ] TheBrewMonks reply Can't wait for you to review Discovery! :)
  • robsdroid215 reply I just watched 3 episodes of Orville and it has an awesome TNG feel. It would be perfect without McFarlane.. he's a db
  • robsdroid215 reply If discovery is full of Social Justice it will fail. Social Justice is a way to divide and conquer americans
  • MrVlogWatcher reply I gotta be honest I am looking forward to watching The Orville too; I really hope it comes out well.
  • EisVisage reply I think Seth has just found the one thing that's needed in these times. He even said it in an interview, basically "Nowadays, where the world and its forseeable future is shitty n gritty beyond belief, we do NOT need shitty n gritty fictional worlds. We need aspiring and optimistic ones, that show us what the world could be at some point if we did get our stuff together, not what it will be if we don't do anything."
  • [ – ] SilentGamer reply I am learning a lot of things here :) I don't even know about the Orville existence :D
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