What is depression? - Depression Affects Everyone - Violet's Practical Help

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  • Sibernethy reply We need to do a collaboration on mental health sometime. I have 7 clinical mental disorders, 4 of which are a form of anxiety. I have Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, and something called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. I checked myself for these 9 symptoms you were describing and I came up true for at least 5-6 of them, including thoughts of suicide and death. Where I have it particularly rough (I use this exact point as fuel for the purpose of my channel), is the fact that I have people who look up to me, just as depressed if not moreso, as a role model, a hero even. I have a friend who says my videos and the 1-on-1 talks we had helped him graduate high school, repair his family relations, and give him the confidence in himself to start a job hunt and even a community of his own. Through depression, I learned what the purest of joy can be using the same depth measured by the pit of despair. Through anxiety, I learned the importance of peace of mind and a lighthearted outlook on life. The ...moreway I try to overcome my emotional pain is to take up a cause which helps other people out of theirs. The support and genuine love I get from some people makes everything worthwhile. The fact you and I share a common heartfelt vision is why I followed you. Well done!
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