Another Christian Homophobe says: Obama is Gay

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  • TheThrashyOne reply The argument that "God created marriage, therefore He makes the rules about marriage" is simply braindead tripe. I could go into a spiel about how monogamous relationships long predate Christianity, but I'm more interested in the hypocrisy aspect: If Mario was sitting in his car one day, and an Amish person walked up to him and said "HERESY! This Satanic mechanical contraption is an affront against God. Get rid of it!", does anyone think for a single second that Mario would comply? Or would Mario tell him "I'm not Amish, so take a hike"? BREAKING NEWS: Non-Christians do NOT, in fact, have to comply with Christian dogma. Fancy that! It's almost like it makes SENSE or something...
  • crua9 reply nice video dude. But seriously, the bible says absolutely nothing about people who are gay are going to hell. When this crap comes up, I simply ask the person to show me a given part of the bible that actually says it. Unless they try to twist words or say there is a "hidden meaning". They tend to start questing other things about what was told to them all their life. Like 20% of what people spout about saying what is in the bible actually isn't. Like even the bible says nothing about people who commit suicide will automatically go to hell.
  • CigarBGuitarefx reply Anything that is highly esteemed among men, is an abomination before God? So if men in a particular culture esteem charity and doing good to others, that's an abomination?
  • Baronzad reply I'll be honest. Your background music sounds like it belongs to Cities: Skylines.
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