The Awakening of Karen

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  • [ – ] Urubis_Soldat reply Dangit I'm watching this twice just to watch it on here and youtube.
  • vulcan76 reply Trump has just reneged on DACA and now the Globalists and (((cultural marxists))) see that as a sign of weakness. The Globalists will use it to force down the wages of the native born and the (((cultural marxists))) will use it to further de-construct white Christian European society in their aim to finally eradicate the Christian threat to (((their))) identity.
  • stephenb857 reply I first became aware of Karen after the Breivik incident which she made a video about at the time. Everyone should watch that. One of the best videos on YouTube. Amazing.
  • Auceza reply Good video. But MW got no idea what MGTOW means and why there is a MGTOW movement. He should watch TFM for a while to get a better understanding of this topic. TFM ...
  • [ – ] stephenb857 reply Brilliant. I saw this on YouTube hours ago but refused to watch it. Glad I can watch it here.
  • RDSHorizon reply So lonely white guy and abused asian girl have kids, and are happy.....not sure how wrong that is, neither one wants the extinction of the white race
  • Acton-R0gerActon reply I think we already know the answer. Personally I still ideologically tend towards being racially blind (and have to force myself to remember non-whites are certainly not racially blind towards me), but pragmatism forces me to be a white nationalist, or at least see the absolutely essential need to have the presence of non-whites kept to a controllable minimum of no more than a percent or two. A level where they are unlikely to be of interest to power hungry politicians willing to use identity politics to further themselves I say we already know the answer because we can see it with feminism. A movement that started with some valid points, and that has long since achieved those valid points. Rather than accept their success, that movement has, for the last 50 years, gone on to promote women as a privileged group within society. There is no end in sight to that. I don't see why the movement for the promotion of non-white groups should be any different. Jews are arguably the most 'privil...moreeged' group on the planet, and yet still that is not enough. They are also the perennial victims. I don't think this is even particularly peculiar to identity orientated groups, rather something intrinsic to the need of bureaucracies to grow. The idea that the thousands upon thousands of race hustlers/Al sharpton types are just going to call it a day is absurd. Its a racket, and so long as there is money in that racket, they will keep peddling their agenda, even if the original rationale for that agenda has long since passed.
  • Broomfondle reply Due to de-Googling myself I didn't see Karen's comment on YouTube so thanks for this video. I have the utmost respect for that lady, she likes to refer to herself as "just a waitress" but she's the smartest waitress I've ever met. I too have watched her for some time now,but lately not so much, no disrespect intended but most videos were becoming repetitive, so good to know she's treading new ground here. If I were Sargon, I'd be very wary of crossing her with trite bull-shit shit posts, she is a very formidable lady & could decimate him if riled I'm sure!
  • InfallibleDialactic reply
  • CantoXLV reply You spend some time explaining how victimhood is turned to advantage by non-whites, then seem to criticize MGTOW/MRA for attempting same (I do the same). This suggests that non-whites DO have an "epistemic advantage" in that -- in our current cultural frame -- victimhood can accrue to a group's benefit, yet whites are reluctant to wallow in victimhood.
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