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Clairvoyance Scene 1 intro

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April 4 2017

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Our story is called clairvoyance a cyberpunk for the 21st century so no over-emphasizing on holographic displays and computers announcing everything they do follow us on our journey as we learn please support us and please feel free to give us your constructive criticism trust me we won't get butt hurt This is our revised intro for our script Clairvoyance script. Scene 1 Cooper paces down the school hall staring out into space unaware of anything around him, as the school bell rings, he stops and gazes at the school windows Cooper*,"ha A sterile well air conditioned contemporary roman style building that's not what I see!, " cooper continues to speak now surrounded by teachers as school officers rush towards him "i see solitary confinement i see police officers in every hallway waiting for me to grow older and fucking fail at life, a depressed expressionless atmosphere a system where I am to be ignored how long will this last how long will you continue im sickened by this disgusting educational waste land," the officers cousously approach cooper ,"office now!! yells officer Carson, Cooper laugh’s as the officers escort him down the hall John sitting by a locker puffing his ecig *I’m out just my fucking luck* Jeremiah gives john a hand up Jeremiah *dude we have something serious bro!* John *not now, I’m out* John looks at his empty tank then throws it They both notice as cooper storms down the hallway with officers behind him Jeremiah *Cooper seems off today, finally caved in* John *I'm still out bro!* Jeremiah(speaks nostalgically) *hey check this out real quick bro* they walk to the cafeteria Jeremiah points to a girl dancing Jeremiah *she's wasted off of one hit* John looks at Taylor walks towards her and grabs her e cig John*no more Taylor! it’s a sin not to share, don’t you read your bible* Jeremiah*what!, why* John takes a puff. Jeremiah *Taylor don’t draw attention to the new product.* Taylor keeps dancing Taylor…

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